Thursday, October 23, 2008

In wild anticipation of finishing the last two episodes of the third and tragically final season of Arrested Development, I tore open the pack of popcorn seeds that'd been sitting in my cupboard for the past 3 months, and went to town on the gas stove. I really hadn't planned on putting back enough popcorn to overfill a stove pot and require the additional space of a medium mixing bowl as well as a bonus-size cereal dish, but I was inspired. Arrested Development has been the best use of roughly 20 hours at home after work that would normally have been used for something even less productive.

One of the greatest scenes out of the whole series. Astroman takes on the Mole, destroying a desert subdivision mock-up, and wildly insulting a score of Japanese would-be investors.

The popcorn, was brilliant. Perfect. All 2 gallons of it. When does LOST start up again?


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