Monday, May 14, 2007

Ill Chillin'

The past few weekends have been full of hastily caught train rides, bus rides, sleeping on floors, climbing, and generally having a wicked time all over South Korea.

Justin caps off a slackline sess with some good ol' tree branch campusing.

Busan lies along the SE coast of South Korea, and besides the subtropical island claimed by Korea in the south, exists as the furthest destination possible away from Seoul. A big city with a small town feel, it would be easy to fork over the cash for the train here every weekend of beach season.

Haeundae Beach - Busan

At the groggy hour this picture was taken, the horizon seemed a bit more horizontal. A 4-hour sleep and 1 pizza slice later, everything was perfect in the world.

Youngyoung (Daegu), The Bull - May 4-6
As this thing's been haunting my dreams since first scoping it out on a climbing site before even leaving for Korea, it was time for some bull fighting. The bull is located about an hours drive from Daegu, while the rock we were on is only about a 30 minute city bus ride. Certainly, one of the most unique artifical climbing areas I've ever seen/flailed about on. There is a bomb-shell-riddled building in Berlin that has been attracting some attention, but thats another year.

Immediately preceding one of the more nasea-inducing falls I've experienced.....

Chris takes the sharp end at Youngyoung.

Miguel ties in under some of the prettiest 11a's outside of Lake Louise.

Rick grabs the bull by the.... whatever! Gets the job done with style.

Jeonju, Yeoseo climbing - April 28-29
Between an international film fest, korean punk rock, good friends and stunning rock climbing, what else would one need to justify a weekend trip to Jeonju, a small-ish university town 4 hours south of Seoul?