Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 2007
So, at the end of the Korean monsoon season sans monsoon, I post again. My account shows that July 5th was my last posting. Really, not all that long ago! However I've been busy most weekends with birthday season in full swing, climbing sessions mostly un-hampered by the rains that have failed to materialize, and in the pursuit of fairly unique opportunities afforded by amazing companions and an ever-surprising country.
It is Monday, the first official day of my summer holidays. As I've only got a week, I'm slightly unimpressed with the fact that I'm still in front of my computer, on a very sunny Seoul day. That being said, once I see this posting through, get some breakfast in me (it's only 1pm) and organize gear, I'll be headed for Yongsan train station. Not exactly sure where I'm headed, and so, any track will take me there. I've nearly two months left until the end of my contract, two anticipated months of pleasant weather, continued travel, eagerly-awaited guests, and fate knows what else. If you've a solid plan as to what I should do after my contract expires, you're better off than me.

Pictures tell a thousand words, but video seems to speak even more. As does music. Most of this footage is from the past month, but once I published to You-Tube, I realized that some mid-March bouldering snuck in there. Toques are a death wish in July. A bit like climbing on occasion, I suppose.

Monday, July 02, 2007

River Run - Danyang - Gangwondo Province

Spent the most delicious weekend, the last of June, in the company of Kris, Jessie, and Nicole - solid friends I've made through the community of climbers in South Korea. Sport climbing, lately, has taken a bit of a back seat to a host of other very enjoyable weekend leisurisms, rafting being amongst them. The funny thing about climbers, they're more than typically quick to jump into any other activity involving fresh air, the colour green, and a dece amount of thrill, even if it means leaving the rope at home. We did bring our shoes and harness however -just in case. Bit of a weekend survival kit these days.

Put together my first video comp from clips taken with my camera. Not the worst way to spend 2-3 hours before work starts in the morning. More to come. Thanks to Nic for hanging out onshore under heavy and darkening skies to grab footage. Twice.

I'm headed back to Danyang this weekend to hit up rafting once again, this time of the more commercial sort. Paintball will also be involved. Hang gliding would have made the list if wasn't so unreasonably priced. It's as if their factoring the worth of a life into the final cost. Pisayo!