Thursday, October 29, 2009

The more you watch the less you know
Perhaps an odd topic for my first post in almost exactly a full calendar year, but I watched a fairly frightening documentary today. Comparing the Ministry of Truth in the classic 1984 with new FCC regulations under Bush's white house, the doc explores the relationship between media control and the trouncing of democracy. With media ownership falling into fewer and fewer hands, whose view will we come to embrace as truth?
"Orwell rolls in his grave" -lots of other free docs to be found on this site worth their 1-2 hours of time and more.
In other news, life in Korea has continued to be wonderful. Still climbing, though more sporadically than i'd like. The bouldering scene in this country however, is about to explode. Its what'll happen when climber types wishing they had more time+$$$ back in N America discover the financial freedom and house-sized stones accessible in korea. awesome.