Monday, March 10, 2008

And back again

After a 4.5 month sojourn I've returned to Seoul, and things are taking shape once again. Its actually quite a nice feeling to know what you'll be doing for another year, after considerable vagabondage. After 3 days in Seoul I took part in a week-long teaching orientation outside of the big smoke. And now I've moved into my new digs for the year, a studio apartment just a short stroll outside of the heart of this capital city. Quite a bit smaller, and less serene than last year's set up, though the working conditons and location make up for the difference.

This afternoon's medical examination, a new requirement for the alien registration card this year (an edifying moment; proving to your students that you are in fact an alien), proved to be an interesting experience. Dental, x-ray, blood, urine, hearing, eyesight and psychiatric assessment are now part of the apparatus to ensure that no one works in this country that shouldn't. For 70 dollars and all within 1 hour after dropping in, a real steal of a deal. I'll let you know if I'll be heading home should I fail. Hopefully my quality urine makes up for my pathetic eyesight, otherwise I'm in trouble.

Here's a bit from the "orientation and abstract thinking" portion of the psychiatric evaluation:

1- What time and day is it today and what month is it? Yes/No

2- What place is it that you are in today? Yes/No

3- Measure twice, cut once. What does this mean?

4- A good medicine tastes bitter. What does this mean?

and next, from the psychiatric problem survey:

Do you feel that anyone is talking or whispering to you?

Can you see anything that people around you cant see? (not with my eyes, apparently)

Do you feel that people around you know what you are thinking?

- so how'd you do? Hope you're all healthy and happy and psychiatric problem-free, wherever you may be. If this test proves inconclusive for anyone not applying for an E2 visa and registration card, I wouldnt worry so much. I'm going to read up on my Carl Jung.